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Who Your Life Is About? (John 3:23-4:3)

2017 January 22.  16:30

What measures your life? I stand before the Lord and how He measures me. The last message of John the Baptist: He must increase, and I must decrease. (Psa 8:5(6), Jo 3:23-4:3, 1Cor 4:3-4, Phil 2:3, Rev 22:11)

The Poison of Merit-Relationships And The Answer from God

2016 August 7.  16:30

2 types of relationship – one’s foundation is merit and the other’s is grace. One of them creates lists, the other one gives according to the needs. If the first one came into your life fight against it because it takes you out of your walk with God. You can build the other one but how? Then protect it and guard it!
(Luke 18:11-12, Phil 3:5-6, 1Sam 18:1-4, 1Cor 12:31, Heb 11:13a)

Jesus in This World (Communion) & The Dignity of Jesus in Us

2016 February 21.  16:00

Communion (1Cor 11:23-26, Jo 1:14, 6:57) The consequence of the fall is shame. Self-appreciation doesn’t cut it. The world gives you appreciation but also threatens with shame. Before God you stand, and this gives youo dignity, not only before Him, but before others and yourself. If there is dignity, there also is humility. There is…

Rap (Q&A)

2015 September 6.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message Why Be Satisfied with What Isn’t Enough? on September 06, 2015, Sunday.

Why Be Satisfied with That, Which Isn’t Enough?

2015 September 6.  16:00

Man is not simply one of the many animals. God’s made us for more, for fellowship with Him, for relationships, for activity. Then we attempt to stand on just two of these three. Freedom or liberty? – society is like a drunken rider. Don’t be satisfied with just the good, press on, seek the Groom,…