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The Clear Sound Calling Us to A New Beginning & Love Draws Us in And Sends Us Out & Be An Altar Builder! & Grace in The Heart (National Bible Speaks Day #1)

2016 September 25.  10:30

…we had a desire to have this huge celebration, a holy gathering, to come together and fall on our knees before the Lord, our Creator. To gather and merry in the presence of the Lord and to worship Him together. Let’s come together and let’s sit at the feet of Jesus to listen to Him and to His Word. Let’s come together and let’s express by this that we belong together and that God has made us one body one family one people.

Choose the one thing that is needed! (Prayer day)

2016 September 7.  18:30

God has the power to pour all His grace upon us to show His grace in every situation. At the moment you don’t even see it but later you can discover that His hand was there in the situation. He wants you to have everything you need. What is the thing we really need?
(Ex 6:1, Deut 3:24a, 2Cor 9:8, Luk 10:38-42)

No One Knows As God

2016 June 8.  18:30

God for us is the inexhaustible, the One defying our understanding and comprehension, yet He knows us from the womb. Does this encourage you? There is no place, time, situation to separate us from Him, but always a new depth to discover, and a new miracle. (Psalm 139, Heb 4:13)

Jesus Draws Near Us

2016 March 6.  10:30

„Come and see!” Jesus sees us and knows us. It is in vain to try to hide from Him. He can identify with you so wonderfully. When you see that, it delivers you. You just need to discern your need. (Gen 3:9-10, Jo 1:43-50)

To Gain All Rewards God has Intended for You

2015 October 21.  18:30

When you get saved, it is easy to be excited. All is new, a fresh story starts. Then it may get worn, rusty, and the excitement quiets down. Why? Because this new life would have needed feeding. How? We find the way for that in the church. (Acts 2:42, 9:36-39, 2Jo 1:8, Eph 2:10, 4:1)

Assurance Over Evil

2015 October 14.  18:30

Evil is not just a tragic event, but much more. Due of the presence of the Spirit of God, the evil one especially focuses on the believer. He always questions the character of God before the believer. Christians must know what evil is, and must be able to call it what it is. What Gospel…