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Hear The Voice of The Good Shepherd

2016 October 2.  16:30

The consequence of the fall is shame, guilt and fear. What do these mean? How do they have an influence on man’s life? As a believer you can accomplish and do anything in your life but you cannot quiet down these three things. Only Jesus is able for that and He has already done it. You only need to hear, and hear it well as He speaks because as Christians we can misunderstand His voice.
(John 10:1-4,11)

To Do or Not to Be – That Is The Question

2016 July 6.  18:30

We so love doing, that we bring doing into all kinds of things – even things where it does not belong. People look at your doing, history will remember your doing, but God – and such awesome news by the way – desires not to judge anyone by their deeds. Eternal life is not given…

My Part Is to Move with God & The Quality of Eternity in The Church

2016 February 3.  18:30

God has finished it all, and is doing it for me. Should I act or not, should I just be an observer? What is my responsibility? (Eze 22:30, Eph 2:10, Phil 1:6, 2:13, 3:16) The church is rooted in eternity. How do you picture eternity? Eternal life is quality, and relationship. (Ex 3:14, Jo 17:3,…

Wisdom Is Better (Bible School Intro) & What Will Take You from Wanting to Doing?

2015 August 26.  18:30

Can Christian life be simple? May it be a faith adventure? Obedience instead of disobedience. Is that how simple it is to get to doing from wanting? Really possible for me to walk and live in the good works prepared for me beforehand by God? (Phil 2:12-13, Ro 5:19, 6:12-13, Gal 5:16-17, 2Cor 10:4-6, Eph 2:1-10)

To Live with A Conscience Clean (Summer Bible School)

2015 July 16.  18:00

“God could not love you more than right now.”  is a quote from a Christian writer. So many people struggle with guilt in this world. Perhaps nothing as serious as murder, but there is a sin that cannot be remedied, and guilt keeps reminding…