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Spiritual Life A-Z

2016 November 6.  16:30

If you open an encyclopedia you don’t find too many things listed under a word because the purpose of it is to collect things. This message is the same because I just wanted to collect the most important principals of the spiritual life. I think that we could talk about each part for months.

There Is a River & And I Pray That Your Love May Abound All The More

2016 October 19.  18:30

There is a river that is unseen but it can be found. It is not only able to turn your attention away from the circumstances but also able to save your spiritual life.
(Psa 46:1-4)

We love those stories with happy endings in our lives when we know that I had nothing to do with it. But we know well: Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. What was Paul’s prayer that was so important for the Holy Spirit? Could it be our prayer as well?
(Luk 5:12-13; Phili 1:8-11)

The Outcome of The Presence of God & Love Loves to Love

2016 October 9.  16:30

The environment, the culture has an influence but these do not bring great changes. The church is the right environment for us. But the perfect environment in itself does not guarantee spirituality. How deep can the Word of God go in your heart?
(1 Sam 3:1)

People can be influenced in 3 ways – pressure, bearing, drawing. Drawing operates by love. This love is our greatest need. What kind of love is this? What are the characteristics of it?
(Gen 14.; 2 Kings 5.; Song of Solomon 3:5; Hos 14:4; Sof 3:17)

He is the one who will do it & Three balloons – God cares for you personally

2016 August 31.  18:30

Satan has a lot of desires and requests but he can’t get us. God is working in our live and in this He can even use Satan and He takes those things away that don’t belong to our lives as Christians. Then strengthen the brethren.
(Luk 22:31-32)

Actually we carry a huge amount of burden in our soul and everyone deals with their problem in a different way. A simple balloon, a balloon with a knot on it and the balloon with wholes – they represent the different ways we deal with our anger. But as long as I don’t realize the problem or I don’t admit it there won’t be deliverance in my life.
(Jonah, Psa 4:4, 73:16-17, Prov 21:22,31, Heb 4:12)

Lay Up These My Words in Your Heart And in Your Soul

2016 June 15.  18:30

Which way is your life headed, and what is directing it? Is there something to remind you not to follow your own heart? Do you have a blue thread? If you only take it to your heart and your soul. (Num 15:38-41, Deu 11:18, Pro 3:1, Psa 1:1, Ro 6:12-14)

Knowing Christ & Many Love The Fruit, But Few Want to Grow The Tree

2016 May 18.  18:30

The most important relationship we have is with Christ. If that is all right, then He takes care of all the others around. Can you say: “I boast in Christ. All else is a loss.”? What does it mean today to say that we take part of His sufferings? (Eph 5:15-17, Phil 3:8,10 ) We…

Rap (Q&A)

2016 May 15.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message Knowing Christ & Many Love The Fruit, But Few Want to Grow The Tree on May 18, 2016, Wednesday.