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The LORD has dealt bountifully with me! & He prepares yet another vessel – God’s work in our lives

2016 August 28.  16:30

It happens many times that we try to argue with the fact that everything is for our good. Our examples in the Bible are Joseph and David who trusted the Lord without ceasing. And now we can see what God has done through this.
(Ro 8:28, Psa 13:2-3,6)

How does the potter work? He takes the clay, kneads it then he puts it on the tray and starts to spin it. He forms it with his wet hands as the vessel becomes bigger and bigger…it is molding. His hands are so practiced, sensitive and tender. Those feel every imperfection.
Our lives are like the clay because there are spots in them. But the Lord is working…
(Jer 18:1-4, Heb 12:6)

Communion & “It Is I, The Lord”

2016 June 5.  16:30

Once we’ve made the decision to walk with God, to get to know God; it is as if the opposite had happened, we meet not God, but the problems. We are proned to say: This is not of the Lord! God, however, is faithful to give us exactly what we need. He would like to…

Get to Know The Heart of God! & Living The Christian Life with Passion

2016 April 10.  16:00

You may understand the will of God, you may understand certain principles, but do you understand what it means that David was a man according to God’s heart? (1Sa 24:4-6 (5-7), 2Sa 16:12, 18:14) The believer is in the Body of Christ alreay, he already has glory, this may not be ruined anymore. It is…

Hear God’s Voice, Not The Enemy’s & Giving with Or without An Answer

2015 March 8.  10:30

Marvellous doors come with resistance, because the Enemy would like to slow us down. When we are on the move, it’s easier to be lead. (Phil 2:13)
Why do you serve? God is a willing, and joyful giver. This is what the believer receives and passes on, regardless of the answer. Do not allow the response to define you! With no response you serve unto Christ, and is there anything greater than that? (Ro 8:31-32)

God’s Initiations through Human History

2015 January 18.  18:00

Human history from God’s perspective, the dispensational plan of the ages. God keeps initiating, man keeps failing, but His mercy is new every day in His patience. Some things always are the same, and He never ceases to seek us. (Ge 12:3, Hab 2:4, Gal 3:11)

Eye Contact & Discerning When The Will of God Moves Ahead

2015 January 14.  18:30

We are tempted in many ways – do not lose your eye contact with Jesus. How to soar in life? (Isa 40:29-31)
The will of God on earth is the only hope. This is what we desire to advance, but how? They that obey it are challenged, but the spiritual man discerns and understands. One day we will look back and we will see its glory. (Jo 16:20-21)