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Build Or Dig? (The Heart of Ecclesiastes)

2017 March 1.  18:30

The image given to us by society is that we ought to build us a happiness-pyramid in life. Salamon was one, who was able to do it, and did it too. Building that pyramid lead him to this conclusion: “I hated life”. Start off in the other direction! „Remember thy creator in the days of…

The Treasure Worth Everything – Is You!

2016 May 25.  18:30

Biblical images about Christianity  – when God stretches the borders of our concepts and ideas. What is your concept of your value? Of others’? Will you allow God to pop the “balloons” in your life? (Ro 11:33, 1Jo 2:2, Mt 13:44, 15:22-23, Jo 3:16-17, Acts 8:3, 9:1, 26:9-11)

To See The Mad Stuff of Life with God & What God’s Light Alone May Do in Me

2015 November 25.  18:30

Don’t ask the world about your value – it is hidden with God. He can give a new meaning to events, help you see afresh. Abilities, skills are good things, but they are tools only to extend you. The wrong starting point though – such as selfishness, greed will turn them in the wrong direction.…

Learn to Love Life! (Thinking with God)

2015 April 29.  18:30

We see value when we love, so what we love is important. Love reveals value. Love the valuable things, love the Lord first, because He is the greatest value. As we think with Christ, He teaches us to choose well. The Bible gives some simple advice about loving life, and why wouldn’t we want that?…

Everyone Needs An Interpreter & God Has A Call – for You

2015 January 18.  10:30

We need a quality interpreter and Christ was just that. We can become correct, and quality interpreters of the same Life by the Holy Spirit. (Job 33:23)
Everyone has a purpose in the plan of God in the actual situation. He calls you to a new level, holiness. He never desires to sidetrack you – just walk with Him, and there will be growth in the call. (1Co 7:17-18,20-22,24, 2Tim 1:9, 2Pe 1:3)