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Build Or Dig? (The Heart of Ecclesiastes)

2017 March 1.  18:30

The image given to us by society is that we ought to build us a happiness-pyramid in life. Salamon was one, who was able to do it, and did it too. Building that pyramid lead him to this conclusion: “I hated life”. Start off in the other direction! „Remember thy creator in the days of…

Don’t Miss The Works of The Lord Right Under Your Nose

2015 July 12.  16:00

The work of the Lord abounds around us. Many try to blind us to it: politics, power, hatred all do. Do you have a superficial look, consideration, or is there depth in your life? Three things that bring depth to your life and aids you to see always. Be the person to discern the works…

The Only Way Worth Thinking

2015 June 24.  18:30

We are like God in that we are personal, and that means we have intelligence, thoughts. As you think so you are. Our world is filled with people living according to vain thoughts. The renewed thinking of a Spiritual believer has three signs. (Gen 1:27, Eph 4:17,23, Prov 23:7, Ro 12:1-2, 1Jo 2:15-16, Psa 119:105, 1Cor 2:16, Heb 12:13)