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Jesus Draws Near Us

2016 March 6.  10:30

„Come and see!” Jesus sees us and knows us. It is in vain to try to hide from Him. He can identify with you so wonderfully. When you see that, it delivers you. You just need to discern your need. (Gen 3:9-10, Jo 1:43-50)

Jesus in This World (Communion) & The Dignity of Jesus in Us

2016 February 21.  16:00

Communion (1Cor 11:23-26, Jo 1:14, 6:57) The consequence of the fall is shame. Self-appreciation doesn’t cut it. The world gives you appreciation but also threatens with shame. Before God you stand, and this gives youo dignity, not only before Him, but before others and yourself. If there is dignity, there also is humility. There is…

Echo the Words of Christ in Your Heart!

2015 March 25.  18:30

  How do you speak to yourself? How do you view others? We wish we could stop the natural thoughts, but our memory keeps them fresh. It is a process to learn to think the thoughts of God, sing His song to yourself. His rules are simple – they are of grace and love.  (Psa…