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How can I live a live without regrets? (30+)

2016 September 11.  11:00

First let’s try to define the word regret. I want to have conversations not only preaching. How could we define the word regret?
– When I look at my past and I say: „I missed something. I made a mistake. This could have been better.”
So regret has something to do with the past or loss or at least with the sense of loss…
(Acts 20:17-35)

Rap (Q&A)

2016 June 26.  18:30

This discussion was held in connection with the messages My Responsibility to Sin & The Mighty God And My Lame Feet on June 26, 2016, Sunday 4:30 pm.

Walk in Truth! & The Advice of The Life of Joshua

2016 April 24.  16:00

What is your answer for the “how do you hear God?” question? (Jo 18:37, 16:13, 2Jo 1:6-7) Joshua started out as a slave, went on to be a soldier, ended his life as a ruler. How could one man be all that? What brought these incredible changes in his life? Why was he able to…

My Part Is to Move with God & The Quality of Eternity in The Church

2016 February 3.  18:30

God has finished it all, and is doing it for me. Should I act or not, should I just be an observer? What is my responsibility? (Eze 22:30, Eph 2:10, Phil 1:6, 2:13, 3:16) The church is rooted in eternity. How do you picture eternity? Eternal life is quality, and relationship. (Ex 3:14, Jo 17:3,…

God’s Initiations through Human History

2015 January 18.  18:00

Human history from God’s perspective, the dispensational plan of the ages. God keeps initiating, man keeps failing, but His mercy is new every day in His patience. Some things always are the same, and He never ceases to seek us. (Ge 12:3, Hab 2:4, Gal 3:11)