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Seeking Reality, Not My Ideas of Him (John 5:8-24)

2017 March 5.  16:30

On what basis do you decide what is key in your life? Do you then follow Christ, or your favorite concepts of Him? Jesus worked so often on the Sabbath – He also called Himself Lord of the Sabbath. How do you see that? What is your testimony to people? (Mt 12:5,8, Jn 5:8-24, 2Tim…

God Has Not Methods, But…

2016 December 7.  18:30

God wishes to make much out of man. Much more than anything else.
He has no methods, but people.
(Psa 8:3-5; Acts 14:17, 17:28; 1Cor 13:11-13; Eph 4:13; Heb 2:5,16)

Christianity: No Fence, But Spirit!

2016 August 24.  18:30

Religion brings hardness and burden into the lives of people. Many consider Christianity a religion, but it isn’t. Everything would burden us, but Christianity narrows it all down to just one thing – just one responsibility for us. So what is that one single thing?
(Eph 5:18, Gal 5:16, Ro 16:27, 1Tim 1:17, Psa 31:19, 2Tim 1:13-14)

Rap (Q&A)

2015 October 18.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message Blessing through Humility & Keep Yourself in The Love of God! on October 18, 2015, Sunday.

Assurance Over Evil

2015 October 14.  18:30

Evil is not just a tragic event, but much more. Due of the presence of the Spirit of God, the evil one especially focuses on the believer. He always questions the character of God before the believer. Christians must know what evil is, and must be able to call it what it is. What Gospel…

None Greater Than Christ & Be Salty, Not Dusty!

2015 March 8.  18:00

Whose life agrees with their life philosophy? The Word of God leads us to the God of the Bible. Between man and God we found Jesus and that we need to grow up into Him. Knowing Him is to worship.
Jesus had salt, He was anointed. You don’t eat the salt, you use it as a flavoring. If there is no salt, will the dust do? How about when you lose saltiness, how do you get it beack, where to find it? Saltiness will yield peace (Mk 9:49-50)