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Jesus The Indivisible

2016 July 24.  16:30

Jesus is indivisible, in Him there is unity. In Him there is a joining, a connecting. What do we find in Him? (Jo 1:14, 13:13, 15:15, 20:26-28, Ro 16:26, Gal 3:28, Lk 19:10)

The Meaning of True Discipleship (Summer Bible School)

2016 June 2.  18:00

The disciple is not someone who desires to write good tests. Studying is part of it, but not all. The disciple is someone who desires to grow. What sets apart a dud, a fireworks, and an ICBM Christian? Ex 4:10, 33:11, Josh 11:15, 1Sam 17:38-39, Pro 17:27, Lk 9:57-62, 18:23, 22:33, Mt 10:24-25,42, Jo 13:34-35,…

When There’s Something Wrong with Me (Rejection Series III.)

2015 December 16.  18:30

The deepest hole of rejection is – there is something wrong with me, and therefore I am undesirable. Rejection is like a wedge in the door, keeping it open, so everything and everyone may enter. An evil that spreads, poisons all and leaves no capacity. It is a stronghold, but may come down ever so…

To See The Mad Stuff of Life with God & What God’s Light Alone May Do in Me

2015 November 25.  18:30

Don’t ask the world about your value – it is hidden with God. He can give a new meaning to events, help you see afresh. Abilities, skills are good things, but they are tools only to extend you. The wrong starting point though – such as selfishness, greed will turn them in the wrong direction.…

In Jesus All Is Ours – And Yet There Is More!

2015 August 9.  16:00

Believing in Jesus you get it all. What a privilege, we are „Made in Heaven”. We need to hear it over and over again, to  strengthen our hearts. Our goal is a high one. Do not be satisfied with a low-tier balance, for there is more where God has called you! (Phil 3.)

Sovereign Grace (Summer Bible School)

2015 June 11.  18:00

Why do we need grace? What does grace do for us? Why would God give grace? Do I deserve grace? May I be undeserving of grace? How bad must I be to never again get grace? (Ro 3:10-18, 5:20, 1Cor 15:8-9, 2Cor 12:9, Jas 4:6, Heb 4:16)

Everyone Needs An Interpreter & God Has A Call – for You

2015 January 18.  10:30

We need a quality interpreter and Christ was just that. We can become correct, and quality interpreters of the same Life by the Holy Spirit. (Job 33:23)
Everyone has a purpose in the plan of God in the actual situation. He calls you to a new level, holiness. He never desires to sidetrack you – just walk with Him, and there will be growth in the call. (1Co 7:17-18,20-22,24, 2Tim 1:9, 2Pe 1:3)