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Knowing Christ & Many Love The Fruit, But Few Want to Grow The Tree

2016 May 18.  18:30

The most important relationship we have is with Christ. If that is all right, then He takes care of all the others around. Can you say: “I boast in Christ. All else is a loss.”? What does it mean today to say that we take part of His sufferings? (Eph 5:15-17, Phil 3:8,10 ) We…

The Historical Cross Forming Your Personal History

2015 September 13.  16:00

The cross is historical, and with the Bible they form the foundation of Christianity, therefore they are either persecuted, or belittled. No worries though, today’s mockery will be resolved to the advantage of Christianity – as always. However, if the cross is history, if it really did take place, if God truly took care of…