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Knowing Christ & Many Love The Fruit, But Few Want to Grow The Tree

2016 May 18.  18:30

The most important relationship we have is with Christ. If that is all right, then He takes care of all the others around. Can you say: “I boast in Christ. All else is a loss.”? What does it mean today to say that we take part of His sufferings? (Eph 5:15-17, Phil 3:8,10 ) We…

Sin Is My Enemy, But I Have Some Friends

2016 May 11.  18:30

When we Christians bring up the issue of sin, people often accuse us of creating a problem where there is none. However, sin is evident around us everywhere, everyone is trying to deal with it, solve it on our own, but it just doesn’t succeed. I need friends to turn my eyes in the right…

Honor According to The Bible & Equipped for Spiritual Battle

2016 March 13.  16:00

Honor, valuing, fear of God, love – what does the Bible teach about this? (Eph 4:11-12, Mt 23:5a, 1Pe 2:17, Ro 12:10, 1Chr 29:11) We are in a battle, in a spiritual battle. We are already equipped for this battle. God has given us all things necessary to do His will: to serve, to forgive,…

Do You Have God’s Real Answers for Life?

2016 February 10.  18:30

Bajod van az élettel? Felelősséged van az életed problémái felett. Azért vagyunk a világban, hogy ebben a világban éljünk, de másik világért éljünk; hogy ebben az életben éljünk, éljük az életünket, de Jézus életét válasszuk. A keresztény élet kettősségére van válasz. A te válaszaid honnan valók?
(Mát 6:33, Luk 16:9, Ján 10:29, Róm 8:26, 1Kor 7:31, Gal 5:1, Fil 2:1, 3:20, 1Thessz 2:13, 1Tim 6:17-18, 2Pét 1:21)

God’s Revelation for Your Life (CETA Chapel Meeting)

2015 April 9.  17:30

What is your life all about? Don’t get lost in knowledge! You may only answer by wisdom that gets renewed always, a revelation from the Holy Spirit with understanding. We need a fresh understanding. How do we get “released” from the Old Sin Nature, and what is completely unnecessary? (Eph 1:16-18, Ro 6:6-8,12-13, 1Jo 3:2)