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Spiritual Life A-Z

2016 November 6.  16:30

If you open an encyclopedia you don’t find too many things listed under a word because the purpose of it is to collect things. This message is the same because I just wanted to collect the most important principals of the spiritual life. I think that we could talk about each part for months.

Freedom in Christ

2016 October 23.  16:30

The devil’s work can be seen well in the church as well. We need spiritual discernment. What do you use it for?
People look for freedom. Christ has already set us free and he setting us free. 4 characteristics of your freedom – know them so you would live well in it and use it well.
(Isa 1:5; 11:6, 43:10-11, 64.5; Hab 3:17-19; 1Cor 11:19; Rom 5:8, 6:6,14, 8:2,5,8; Gal 1:10, 5:1,13; Eph 6:11-12; Heb 4:12)

Rap (Q&A)

2016 June 19.  18:30

This discussion was held in connection with the message The Message of Our Lives And The Opposition on June 19, 2016, Sunday 4:30pm.

Deny It, Or Deny Having It? & Christ Is My Continual Refuge

2016 March 9.  18:30

It doesn’t really matter which church of our ministry we are in, it is as a home for us. (Eph 4:16) Do we understate, explain away, deny, to cover up the problem? Honesty and the power of God are better alternatives. (2Tim 3:5, Tit 2:12, 1Jo 1:8-9) God has committed to saving us in our…

Just What Use Is Christianity? & How Great Is Your God?

2016 February 28.  16:00

We have seen the work of Christianity in history, yet the true work of Gof happens deep in man, in his personal life. (Psa 97:2, Jo 10:29, 14:27) God speaks personally to us. How long does excitement, enthusiasm last in the call? He knows very well, that we are unable to do it on our…

The Only Way Worth Thinking

2015 June 24.  18:30

We are like God in that we are personal, and that means we have intelligence, thoughts. As you think so you are. Our world is filled with people living according to vain thoughts. The renewed thinking of a Spiritual believer has three signs. (Gen 1:27, Eph 4:17,23, Prov 23:7, Ro 12:1-2, 1Jo 2:15-16, Psa 119:105, 1Cor 2:16, Heb 12:13)

The Good Shepherd Would Give You His Heart

2015 February 22.  18:00

Jesus couldn’t but care. It was a heart-issue. Not a task, no benefit, no advantage gained, no sublimation. Ministry. He knows the need. We can have that, God is working it into us. Going into the world with the heart of the Good Shepherd. (Mk 6:34, 2Cor 8:9, Jo 10:11-14, Isa 40:10-11, Rev 7:16-17)