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Choose the one thing that is needed! (Prayer day)

2016 September 7.  18:30

God has the power to pour all His grace upon us to show His grace in every situation. At the moment you don’t even see it but later you can discover that His hand was there in the situation. He wants you to have everything you need. What is the thing we really need?
(Ex 6:1, Deut 3:24a, 2Cor 9:8, Luk 10:38-42)

Our Greatest Need (Summer Bible School 2016)

2016 May 26.  18:00

One category of our needs is physical, we all know these: food, liquid, air, sleeping excercise. Then the other part is the psychological one, more exciting and interesting, for we do no know them very well: goal, meaning, stability, significance, morality, beauty. Our two greatest of these is…

Jesus Draws Near Us

2016 March 6.  10:30

„Come and see!” Jesus sees us and knows us. It is in vain to try to hide from Him. He can identify with you so wonderfully. When you see that, it delivers you. You just need to discern your need. (Gen 3:9-10, Jo 1:43-50)