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Build Or Dig? (The Heart of Ecclesiastes)

2017 March 1.  18:30

The image given to us by society is that we ought to build us a happiness-pyramid in life. Salamon was one, who was able to do it, and did it too. Building that pyramid lead him to this conclusion: “I hated life”. Start off in the other direction! „Remember thy creator in the days of…

God Is Relaxed & It Is Better to Give

2016 December 18.  10:30

What do you do when you get into a situation where the will of God is a great challenge for you?
(Luk 22:42)

This generation in the Western culture is the most stressful generation in the whole history of mankind. Though this stress is not real but a psychological state of man. In order to heal this the Lord has solved the mystery to us that says…
(Mat 10:8; Acts 20:35; 2Cor 8:9)

Church – The Incorruptible Amid The Corruption

2016 April 17.  16:00

Money and power, greed, great willingness to compromise – if anything starts out with that, can anything good come out of it? If you toss a bar of gold in the slop, will it change its nature? The church is the work of God. Can anyting spoil it then? (Num 22-24., Ro 8:36-39, 2Cor 2:11,…

Do You Have God’s Real Answers for Life?

2016 February 10.  18:30

Bajod van az élettel? Felelősséged van az életed problémái felett. Azért vagyunk a világban, hogy ebben a világban éljünk, de másik világért éljünk; hogy ebben az életben éljünk, éljük az életünket, de Jézus életét válasszuk. A keresztény élet kettősségére van válasz. A te válaszaid honnan valók?
(Mát 6:33, Luk 16:9, Ján 10:29, Róm 8:26, 1Kor 7:31, Gal 5:1, Fil 2:1, 3:20, 1Thessz 2:13, 1Tim 6:17-18, 2Pét 1:21)

God Plays to Win & God’s Advice to Communication (Thinking with God)

2015 May 10.  16:00

Satan is God’s adversary, so He doesn’t settle with a draw. Jesus fired death. God is victorious and makes us victorious in His love. (Col 2:15, 2Tim 1:10) Much depends on communication, though not all. Communication errors may cost you dearly. Have content, have patience, do not brag. (Jas 3:5, Psa 1:2, Pro 4:24, 6:1-2,…