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A Caged Dog Will Bark at Anything, But The One Hunting Will Not

2015 August 30.  16:00

Do not let miracles draw your attention away from Jesus. Miracles are circumstantial, while the key is Jesus. Trials may stop our progress, yet they are the key to growing in integrity. The key is Jesus, even in the trials. To shed all that is unnecessary – will there be anything worth adhering to? What…

The Song of God with Us (CETA, Chapel Meeting)

2014 November 27.  17:30

God invites us to a song, it is a gentle intitiation. An impulse that evokes a response. Bible School is the place where you may expose yourself to it. (Psa 40:1-4, 42:9, 77:7, Job 35:10, Ex 15:2, Isa 12:2, Zeph 3:17)