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From Faith To Faith & Run The Course to The End

2016 December 28.  18:30

The Enemy would always wish to “talk into” the faith of the believer. Jesus Christ is the same, Who he was on the cross, and He is not about to change, Why would we then?
(Heb 13:7-9)

When you can keep running the race despite all the reasons in the world to quit it, it is greater grace. When you stay on course, God can give you a new meaning to all things, and show stuff, you didn’t even know existed.
(Eph 2:1-7, 1Cor 13:4-8)

Called to An Abundant Life & Slave by Love

2016 November 13.  16:30

It is possible to think of abundance by someone having a lot of money or cars and everything goes well in their lives. But the abundant life Jesus was speaking about has nothing to do with this world or our circumstances. Do not be satisfied with the manna!
(Jn 10:10b; Deut 8:2-3)

What does define spirituality? Who is spiritual? What do we know about the commandments?
(Gal 5.; 1Cor 12:31; Jn 13:34-35)

God Is Strong via Our Weakness

2016 November 9.  18:30

If you don’t have enough problems then you won’t think you are too small. But if you have a difficulty that makes you question everything: yourself, God, your abilities, your intelligence. We try to avoid trouble though that is a gift for us. It’s necessary. We pray so that God would take it away. But He says: I would like you to rejoice when you are in trouble. Why though?
(Psa 23:5; 2Cor 12:7a, 4:7-12)

Hear The Voice of The Good Shepherd

2016 October 2.  16:30

The consequence of the fall is shame, guilt and fear. What do these mean? How do they have an influence on man’s life? As a believer you can accomplish and do anything in your life but you cannot quiet down these three things. Only Jesus is able for that and He has already done it. You only need to hear, and hear it well as He speaks because as Christians we can misunderstand His voice.
(John 10:1-4,11)

Rap (Q&A)

2016 September 28.  20:30

This discussion was held in connection with the message The Family of God.
(September 28, 2016, Wednesday)

How can I live a live without regrets? (30+)

2016 September 11.  11:00

First let’s try to define the word regret. I want to have conversations not only preaching. How could we define the word regret?
– When I look at my past and I say: „I missed something. I made a mistake. This could have been better.”
So regret has something to do with the past or loss or at least with the sense of loss…
(Acts 20:17-35)

Perfectly Related in Christ & Where Does The Finished Work Lead Us? (Easter IV.)

2016 March 30.  18:30

The believer is complete in Christ, as Christ is accepted before God the Father. Our relationships in the Body of Christ are built on that. (Phil 1:17-18) Death has been overcome. That, which Christ accomplished on the cross has nothing to add to it, and may not be taken away from. He promised and gave…

To Gain All Rewards God has Intended for You

2015 October 21.  18:30

When you get saved, it is easy to be excited. All is new, a fresh story starts. Then it may get worn, rusty, and the excitement quiets down. Why? Because this new life would have needed feeding. How? We find the way for that in the church. (Acts 2:42, 9:36-39, 2Jo 1:8, Eph 2:10, 4:1)

A Caged Dog Will Bark at Anything, But The One Hunting Will Not

2015 August 30.  16:00

Do not let miracles draw your attention away from Jesus. Miracles are circumstantial, while the key is Jesus. Trials may stop our progress, yet they are the key to growing in integrity. The key is Jesus, even in the trials. To shed all that is unnecessary – will there be anything worth adhering to? What…

To Live with A Conscience Clean (Summer Bible School)

2015 July 16.  18:00

“God could not love you more than right now.”  is a quote from a Christian writer. So many people struggle with guilt in this world. Perhaps nothing as serious as murder, but there is a sin that cannot be remedied, and guilt keeps reminding…

With The Lord Amid The Opposing Sides

2015 July 8.  18:30

Differences are well-visible to all, tensions we notice. How do we deal with the conflicts? Do we just talk it to death? An exciting story only? The Word of God points to unity. Whose side are you on? What do we actually do? Do not miss the opportunity to care! (Isa 65:22, Pro 22:2, Gal…

A Meek Heart in A Proud World

2015 June 7.  16:00

The world never teaches ministry, but what we carry of the world will remove us from ministry. Christ came to save us, to serve us. He gave an amazing pattern: the greater serves. How could our humble God encourage pride? Giving your life – there is no way to do that in part. (Pro 16:18,…