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Seeking Reality, Not My Ideas of Him (John 5:8-24)

2017 March 5.  16:30

On what basis do you decide what is key in your life? Do you then follow Christ, or your favorite concepts of Him? Jesus worked so often on the Sabbath – He also called Himself Lord of the Sabbath. How do you see that? What is your testimony to people? (Mt 12:5,8, Jn 5:8-24, 2Tim…

Peace with God by Faith in Christ

2016 October 12.  18:30

What happened with the consciousness of people? Our desire is to have peace with God. How were we in fellowship with Him in the different dispensations? Now we live under grace that says – be perfect! Is it possible?
(Prov 6:16-19; Psalm 85:7,10; Isa 59:7,11-14; Rom 5:1)

Crowned with Grace & Can The New Life Be New Forever?

2015 June 17.  18:30

Knowing God, following God, being faithful to God. Gratefulness, mercy and grace are our portion. (Psa 103:1-13) We’ve received a new life in Christ, it is of a new quality. All things get stale naturally though. The new life has new challenges, and the question is – what do you do with them? Well, you need to feed…

This Is The Mercy That All Seek

2015 January 25.  10:30

People seek mercy, and we know just where to look for it. The Canaanite woman had simplicity, steadfastness and hung on to Jesus. She had no conditions, and found mercy. God answers again and again. (Ro 8:28 , Mt 15:21-28, Psa 4:7-9)