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Awaiting The Lord & When God Seems to Neglect Me – Processing #1

2016 May 29.  16:00

There are two options for our lives – either build it on faith or on fear. Faith-life is incalculable. An adventure. We expect great things from God, because there is strength in a life of faith. What are these? (Job 3:25-26, Isa 40:31) Our lives have seasons, unpleasant but necessary. Do you rebel against that,…

Easy Come, Easy Go & The Ever Present God

2015 February 15.  10:30

The fast track is Satan’s program, whereas God places us in processes. Important things cannot be quickly finished. Peace and rest is in the Lord. (2Pe 3:8, Psa 90:12, 37:7, Lk 12:29-34, 13:31-32)
The work of God may not be measured, fulfilled, enforced naturally. Don’t miss out on it! Failure, inability, uncertainty may be part of it, but the testimony of His Word is the source of our joy. (Mk 1:15, Lk 17:20-21, 22:15,24, 24:16,18,25-26, Jo 12:27-28a, 1Jo 2:12-14)