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The Reality of Walking in The Spirit (#1)

2019 July 7.  16:30

#2 Déli áhítat:A SZELLEMBEN JÁRÁS VALÓSÁGA (2. rész) // THE REALITY OF WALKING IN THE SPIRIT (#2)P. Gary Groenewold. Posted by A Biblia Szól on Monday, July 8, 2019 —

The Chain Is Shorter

2017 January 25.  18:30

As Christians, we have a personal enemy in your faith – Satan hunts you. Staying outside his territory is where we live our lives with God. (Job 1:11, Psa 23:5, Est 5:10-13, Zech 3:1, 2Cor 10:5-6)  

Freedom in Christ

2016 October 23.  16:30

The devil’s work can be seen well in the church as well. We need spiritual discernment. What do you use it for?
People look for freedom. Christ has already set us free and he setting us free. 4 characteristics of your freedom – know them so you would live well in it and use it well.
(Isa 1:5; 11:6, 43:10-11, 64.5; Hab 3:17-19; 1Cor 11:19; Rom 5:8, 6:6,14, 8:2,5,8; Gal 1:10, 5:1,13; Eph 6:11-12; Heb 4:12)

If You Knew Who I Am! & When Change Comes, Where Do I Go?

2016 August 21.  16:30

If you knew who Jesus is, you would surely want something from Him! Drink from His fountain, have a growing knowledge about grace. that would change all, and you would not have to hide anymore.
(Jo 4:7-10)

When great changes come in life, the question comes “Where to, how to readjust life?” The significance of things doesn’t come with great events … but of where I belong?
(Psa  27:4, Eph  5:16)

Natural And Supernatural Deception

2016 May 4.  18:30

We are so easily misled! Also, the Enemy works in an organized system, set up to mislead people. Those mislead lose, get ruined, destroyed. Jesus dealt with Satanic attacks with such ease, and gave the same power to His disciples. (Pro 4:23, Mt 10:11, Lk 8:27-29, 4:41, Gal 3:1, 5:12-13, 1Tim 4:1, Jas 4:7, Rev…

Why Be Satisfied with That, Which Isn’t Enough?

2015 September 6.  16:00

Man is not simply one of the many animals. God’s made us for more, for fellowship with Him, for relationships, for activity. Then we attempt to stand on just two of these three. Freedom or liberty? – society is like a drunken rider. Don’t be satisfied with just the good, press on, seek the Groom,…

Don’t Easily Let Go of What God Called You to!

2015 July 29.  18:30

God knows what we need so much better than we do. He knows what He is doing and gives us what benefits us. He desires us to be personal with Him in our faith. Do not permit disappointment to poison you, and make you distrustful to God and His work! Three sentences – three facts…

Broken And Forgiven Life (Summer Bible School)

2015 July 23.  18:00

I prepared a little Bible study in John 12 … as we read the Gospels, we see the same stories, same events, but from different perspectives, and they don’t contradict. Instead, reading the four accounts, we receive a fuller picture. When we take the time to look at the complete picture, we may more clearly…

Love Does Not Envy & What God Forgets And What He Remembers

2015 April 26.  16:00

How could the envious one have the love of God also? The love of God gives abundantly. (1Jo 3:16-17, 2Co 8:9) Human righteousness is often subjective. God forgets the things that are not eternal, and the we the same way need to have each day be new. God however remembers His promises, His people and…