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Shock And Awe – The Jesus Way

2016 December 21.  18:30

In a military context, “shock and awe” is a term for the principle of rapid dominance, where you try to force the enemy, to lose the will to fight. Jesus did it just a tad different. In actuality, He arrived unable to fight, to do anything, and so He stood up to battle our enemy.
Shock and awe in the will of god, or terror, guilt, and shame outside His will – what will you have?

The Work of God in Sfântu Gheorghe & The End to Anxiety

2016 November 30.  18:30

Man cannot produce the work of God and He will show it to us that we cannot
(Zac 4:6; Jn 6:63)

Believers, non-believers, good people, bad people… we all face with worried. There are situations that we cannot control…it is impossible. And then there is no peace. Worries can rob our lives. But there is a good ending!
(Psa 37:1,7-8, 127:2; Prov 24:19; Mt 2:3; Mrk 9:10; Jn 10:28-29; Acts 2:12; Heb 2:15)

The More – Beyond The Veil

2016 November 23.  18:30

How was David different from his contemporaries? Why would God say about David: „man according to my own heart”? What does this mean for us today, in the dispensation of grace? What is the church according to God’s heart like?
(Acts 13:22, 2Cor 3:14-15, Psa 119:99, Jn 1:17)

Divine Call & Written on Your Face

2016 October 26.  18:30

The call of God is an exceptional honor. We have received a royal mission. And because of that you are important. Just get to know the details!
(Jn 15:16)

The Bible says that you should seek the face of God without ceasing. God says that nobody can see His face. What is written on the face of God? What is it that we cannot see? What does it mean to seek His face? He can be found!
(Gen 25:31-32,34, 33:1,9-10, 1Cron 22:19; 2Cron 7:14; Psa 105:4; Mt 17:2-3; Col 3:1-2; Rev 1:14)