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From Faith To Faith & Run The Course to The End

2016 December 28.  18:30

The Enemy would always wish to “talk into” the faith of the believer. Jesus Christ is the same, Who he was on the cross, and He is not about to change, Why would we then?
(Heb 13:7-9)

When you can keep running the race despite all the reasons in the world to quit it, it is greater grace. When you stay on course, God can give you a new meaning to all things, and show stuff, you didn’t even know existed.
(Eph 2:1-7, 1Cor 13:4-8)

Walk in Truth! & The Advice of The Life of Joshua

2016 April 24.  16:00

What is your answer for the “how do you hear God?” question? (Jo 18:37, 16:13, 2Jo 1:6-7) Joshua started out as a slave, went on to be a soldier, ended his life as a ruler. How could one man be all that? What brought these incredible changes in his life? Why was he able to…