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Build Or Dig? (The Heart of Ecclesiastes)

2017 March 1.  18:30

The image given to us by society is that we ought to build us a happiness-pyramid in life. Salamon was one, who was able to do it, and did it too. Building that pyramid lead him to this conclusion: “I hated life”. Start off in the other direction! „Remember thy creator in the days of…

The lousiest guitar case in the country

2016 September 4.  16:30

We are the sheep of God’s pasture. He has chosen us and ordained us for certain things. This is His work not mine and He says: “Rest! Don’t worry about anything!” The other thing is that I can rest in what God has given to me and I can walk in it. The third thing is that God loves the small things. Well then what do these have to do with a lousy guitar case?
(Psa 95:7, 97:13, 100:3; 2Cron 34:1-3,8, John 15:16, Luke 16:10, 2Cor 8:12, Phil 1:6, James 5:7-8)

Knowing Christ & Many Love The Fruit, But Few Want to Grow The Tree

2016 May 18.  18:30

The most important relationship we have is with Christ. If that is all right, then He takes care of all the others around. Can you say: “I boast in Christ. All else is a loss.”? What does it mean today to say that we take part of His sufferings? (Eph 5:15-17, Phil 3:8,10 ) We…

Perfectly Related in Christ & Where Does The Finished Work Lead Us? (Easter IV.)

2016 March 30.  18:30

The believer is complete in Christ, as Christ is accepted before God the Father. Our relationships in the Body of Christ are built on that. (Phil 1:17-18) Death has been overcome. That, which Christ accomplished on the cross has nothing to add to it, and may not be taken away from. He promised and gave…

Wisdom Is Better (Bible School Intro) & What Will Take You from Wanting to Doing?

2015 August 26.  18:30

Can Christian life be simple? May it be a faith adventure? Obedience instead of disobedience. Is that how simple it is to get to doing from wanting? Really possible for me to walk and live in the good works prepared for me beforehand by God? (Phil 2:12-13, Ro 5:19, 6:12-13, Gal 5:16-17, 2Cor 10:4-6, Eph 2:1-10)

The Salt of The Earth & Your Life in God’s Colors

2015 July 26.  16:00

There is much that is good in us as Christians, but God’s plan is that we would be salt. The unsaved taste that flavor. Salt stings, but also heals. (Jer 17:9, Psa 51:5 (7), Eze 34:16a) There are things more important that the flashy and surprising. Do not take preaching lightly, but verify the message,…

Rap (Q&A)

2015 May 17.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message You Bear The Image of God (Thinking with God) on 2015 May 17. Sunday, 4 pm.