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Rap (Q&A)

2016 June 26.  18:30

This discussion was held in connection with the messages My Responsibility to Sin & The Mighty God And My Lame Feet on June 26, 2016, Sunday 4:30 pm.

The Message of Our Lives And The Opposition

2016 June 19.  16:30

The smallest things have significance, meaning, content in the will of God. Our daily duties may have a spiritual fragrance. Satan hates everything you do that way, because he hates that fragrance, hates that heart behind. There is an attack against your faith. So the question Jesus asked is pertinent: Will you also leave Me?…

Lay Up These My Words in Your Heart And in Your Soul

2016 June 15.  18:30

Which way is your life headed, and what is directing it? Is there something to remind you not to follow your own heart? Do you have a blue thread? If you only take it to your heart and your soul. (Num 15:38-41, Deu 11:18, Pro 3:1, Psa 1:1, Ro 6:12-14)

To Gain All Rewards God has Intended for You

2015 October 21.  18:30

When you get saved, it is easy to be excited. All is new, a fresh story starts. Then it may get worn, rusty, and the excitement quiets down. Why? Because this new life would have needed feeding. How? We find the way for that in the church. (Acts 2:42, 9:36-39, 2Jo 1:8, Eph 2:10, 4:1)

The Good Shepherd Would Give You His Heart

2015 February 22.  18:00

Jesus couldn’t but care. It was a heart-issue. Not a task, no benefit, no advantage gained, no sublimation. Ministry. He knows the need. We can have that, God is working it into us. Going into the world with the heart of the Good Shepherd. (Mk 6:34, 2Cor 8:9, Jo 10:11-14, Isa 40:10-11, Rev 7:16-17)