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The newness of the Spirit & Unity – the divine virtue

2016 September 18.  16:30

Judging or releasing – whatever the principal is – is nothing else but the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. By the mercy of God we are freely justified. What did the newness of the Spirit bring? What will you do with it?
(Ro 2:12,14-15, 3:24,28, 7:6)

Both, the enemy and the Holy Trinity have supernatural unity. What makes the difference between the reflector and the laser beam? Which one is stronger? What gives its power? The unity of the Holy Trinity is so wonderful! That gives the growth in the church. Why though?
(Job 41:14-16, Psa 8:6, Eph 4:1-6, Gal 4:4, Jn 12:49-50, 16:7, Col 2:9, Phil 2:8, 10:24, James 2:19)

The Silence of Jehosaphat & Do We Want to Know Who God Truly Is?

2016 August 14.  16:30

How is it important that the man of God has areas in his life where he can’t see? Hear when God corrects you! We need quietness after failure because there is power in quietness. There God speaks to your heart. What is He saying?
(Prov 15:5,32, 2Cron 19:1-4, Psa 46:10, 51:12-13, Isa 30:15, Luk 19:10, Mat 16:25)

It is done, the work is finished. This realizes me to grow. But if I don’t hear about it or if I don’t accept it then something else will speak to me.
How do you read the Scriptures? How do you understand it? What forms your understanding about God?
(Jn 12:32, Mat 4:4, Psa 115:5,8)

The Meaning of True Discipleship (Summer Bible School)

2016 June 2.  18:00

The disciple is not someone who desires to write good tests. Studying is part of it, but not all. The disciple is someone who desires to grow. What sets apart a dud, a fireworks, and an ICBM Christian? Ex 4:10, 33:11, Josh 11:15, 1Sam 17:38-39, Pro 17:27, Lk 9:57-62, 18:23, 22:33, Mt 10:24-25,42, Jo 13:34-35,…

Rap (Q&A)

2015 October 11.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message Despite The Law, by Right of Love (Authority – 1) on October 11, 2015, Sunday.

Psalm 37 – So Many Good Reasons to Not Live in Worry (Fear #1)

2015 September 30.  18:30

Our world has a few fundamental messages for these days. One of them is fear. Psalm 37 – a whole lifetime’s exhortations against worry. (Psalm 37:1-7,25,27,34,37, 1Pe 1:23, 2Cor 5:7, Psa 73:18-19, 1Cor 3:10-11, 1Jo 1:7-2:2)

Crowned with Grace & Can The New Life Be New Forever?

2015 June 17.  18:30

Knowing God, following God, being faithful to God. Gratefulness, mercy and grace are our portion. (Psa 103:1-13) We’ve received a new life in Christ, it is of a new quality. All things get stale naturally though. The new life has new challenges, and the question is – what do you do with them? Well, you need to feed…

Rap (Q&A)

2015 May 24.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message Casting Away All Hypocrisy & God’s Provision in Contrast to Human Logic & Love Is The Perfect Bond on 2015 May 24, Sunday.

Rap (Q&A)

2015 May 17.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message You Bear The Image of God (Thinking with God) on 2015 May 17. Sunday, 4 pm.

Easy Come, Easy Go & The Ever Present God

2015 February 15.  10:30

The fast track is Satan’s program, whereas God places us in processes. Important things cannot be quickly finished. Peace and rest is in the Lord. (2Pe 3:8, Psa 90:12, 37:7, Lk 12:29-34, 13:31-32)
The work of God may not be measured, fulfilled, enforced naturally. Don’t miss out on it! Failure, inability, uncertainty may be part of it, but the testimony of His Word is the source of our joy. (Mk 1:15, Lk 17:20-21, 22:15,24, 24:16,18,25-26, Jo 12:27-28a, 1Jo 2:12-14)

The Cross in Our Lives & Life Growing through Faith & Our Prayer to The Lord of The Harvest (Prayer Evening)

2015 February 4.  18:30

The cross is not comprehended by the natural mind, yet it has a whole new life for us. (2Cor 4:10-12)
Faith is action, and shifts the natural course. Our unusual lives are moved by the same heart. (Heb 11:33-39)
The harvest is not our project – but it is ours to ask. The results are the glory of God. Prayer holds our spiritual armor, and every Body member has a portion in it. (Mt 9:35-38, Eph 6:18-19)

Everyone Needs An Interpreter & God Has A Call – for You

2015 January 18.  10:30

We need a quality interpreter and Christ was just that. We can become correct, and quality interpreters of the same Life by the Holy Spirit. (Job 33:23)
Everyone has a purpose in the plan of God in the actual situation. He calls you to a new level, holiness. He never desires to sidetrack you – just walk with Him, and there will be growth in the call. (1Co 7:17-18,20-22,24, 2Tim 1:9, 2Pe 1:3)