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Why Be Satisfied with That, Which Isn’t Enough?

2015 September 6.  16:00

Man is not simply one of the many animals. God’s made us for more, for fellowship with Him, for relationships, for activity. Then we attempt to stand on just two of these three. Freedom or liberty? – society is like a drunken rider. Don’t be satisfied with just the good, press on, seek the Groom,…

Eye Contact & Discerning When The Will of God Moves Ahead

2015 January 14.  18:30

We are tempted in many ways – do not lose your eye contact with Jesus. How to soar in life? (Isa 40:29-31)
The will of God on earth is the only hope. This is what we desire to advance, but how? They that obey it are challenged, but the spiritual man discerns and understands. One day we will look back and we will see its glory. (Jo 16:20-21)