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Spiritual Life A-Z

2016 November 6.  16:30

If you open an encyclopedia you don’t find too many things listed under a word because the purpose of it is to collect things. This message is the same because I just wanted to collect the most important principals of the spiritual life. I think that we could talk about each part for months.

Salvation with The Heart of God

2016 November 2.  18:30

Salvation plan to save mankind – God’s pursuit was to save people. This is the love of God, this is His mercy. He wants everyone to be saved. That is why He Himself provided. He did everything He could do because He wanted to be sure. Well is it possible to add anything to it?
(Isa 5:4; Ez 18:32, 33:11; Jn 6:47; Eph 1:13, 2:8-9; Acts 17:30; 1Tim 2:4; 2Pt 2:4; 1Jn 4:9, 5:13)

Sin Is My Enemy, But I Have Some Friends

2016 May 11.  18:30

When we Christians bring up the issue of sin, people often accuse us of creating a problem where there is none. However, sin is evident around us everywhere, everyone is trying to deal with it, solve it on our own, but it just doesn’t succeed. I need friends to turn my eyes in the right…

Get to Know The Heart of God! & Living The Christian Life with Passion

2016 April 10.  16:00

You may understand the will of God, you may understand certain principles, but do you understand what it means that David was a man according to God’s heart? (1Sa 24:4-6 (5-7), 2Sa 16:12, 18:14) The believer is in the Body of Christ alreay, he already has glory, this may not be ruined anymore. It is…

Perfectly Related in Christ & Where Does The Finished Work Lead Us? (Easter IV.)

2016 March 30.  18:30

The believer is complete in Christ, as Christ is accepted before God the Father. Our relationships in the Body of Christ are built on that. (Phil 1:17-18) Death has been overcome. That, which Christ accomplished on the cross has nothing to add to it, and may not be taken away from. He promised and gave…

To Live with A Conscience Clean (Summer Bible School)

2015 July 16.  18:00

“God could not love you more than right now.”  is a quote from a Christian writer. So many people struggle with guilt in this world. Perhaps nothing as serious as murder, but there is a sin that cannot be remedied, and guilt keeps reminding…

Exciting Discipleship (CETA, ABD)

2015 February 2.  17:30

It is a special thing to stay on the narrow road. Faithfulness is not a boring thing. Simplicity may be ours but one way – to distinguish between the voice of grace and the wrong teaching. What it means to be a disciple, and the freedom of discipleship. (2Co 11:2-4, Pro 3:5, Jo 4:34, 5:30, 8:31-32, 15:8, 13:35, 21:18, Gal 5:13, 1Pe 1:22)