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Knowing God II.

2017 December 3.  16:30

This message is part II. to the message Knowing God I. —

Who is Jesus? What did He do for us? What should we do know?

2016 September 21.  18:30

We rejoice in Christ. We gather together in His name. We are here for Gods glory. Christ dwells in us. We are named after His name. What happens when we gather in His name? What happens when the Spirit is in us? The Holy Spirit points to Christ and we know Him. When the Spirit is in us and we drink from the same Spirit shows Christ to us and we know Him. It’s an honor to know Him.
(Heb 1:3-4, 7:16-17,25, 10:19-25)

God Is Faithful to His Promises

2016 June 22.  18:30

We often doubt His promises, His Word, because we imagine Him to be like us, and think of Him in such human terms. God is not a man, His immutability is the guarantee that His promises will be fulfilled. What has He promised? (Num 23:19, Isa 55:8-9, 2Pt 3:3-4, Heb 6:13-18, 10:23, Jo 15:7, Psa…

When The Greatest Connects With The Weakest & What “Chip” Makes Us Different?

2016 March 2.  19:00

Satan loves to distort the details. There is a never ending commentary from the world. However, in the grace of God there is always a solution for every situation, every detail. (1Cor 12:26) When God created man He placed a “chip” in his soul – a “chip” that makes man a man. This is not…

The Good Shepherd Would Give You His Heart

2015 February 22.  18:00

Jesus couldn’t but care. It was a heart-issue. Not a task, no benefit, no advantage gained, no sublimation. Ministry. He knows the need. We can have that, God is working it into us. Going into the world with the heart of the Good Shepherd. (Mk 6:34, 2Cor 8:9, Jo 10:11-14, Isa 40:10-11, Rev 7:16-17)

Exciting Discipleship (CETA, ABD)

2015 February 2.  17:30

It is a special thing to stay on the narrow road. Faithfulness is not a boring thing. Simplicity may be ours but one way – to distinguish between the voice of grace and the wrong teaching. What it means to be a disciple, and the freedom of discipleship. (2Co 11:2-4, Pro 3:5, Jo 4:34, 5:30, 8:31-32, 15:8, 13:35, 21:18, Gal 5:13, 1Pe 1:22)

This Is The Mercy That All Seek

2015 January 25.  10:30

People seek mercy, and we know just where to look for it. The Canaanite woman had simplicity, steadfastness and hung on to Jesus. She had no conditions, and found mercy. God answers again and again. (Ro 8:28 , Mt 15:21-28, Psa 4:7-9)

Faithfulness in Healthy Doctrine & The Measure of Faith & God Desires And Trains Faithful Ones (2015 New Year’s Conference #5)

2015 January 3.  18:00

Faithfulness and faith. When we hear the Word and remain in it, our thoughts are reformed and brings health to our body and soul. Pass it on! (1Tim 6:3, 2Tim 1:13,2:2,10-13, Ro 12:2, Pro 3:1,8,18,22)
Isten adta kinek-kinek a hit mértékét. Élni a hitet. Helyes hitrendszerrel semmi sem lehetetlen. (Róm 12:3, Mát 17:20)
Hű az Isten! Ő a hűség jellemét munkálja bennünk. Hűnek lenni a kicsin. Óriási az örökkévalóságban. (1Kor 10:13, Róm 5:3b)

Get The Water Out of The Boat! & Our Short-Sightedness in The Long-Term Plan & Faithful to The Word (2015 New Year’s Conference #4)

2015 January 3.  11:00

Church is an ark. Some things have a place on the inside, others only outside. Do not bring the outside things inside – be a watchman!
We want all things instantly, whereas God moves in processes, often slowly. Stand in what you have been given, and see the process! (Dan 12:4, Deu 7:22, Phil 1:6, 2:13, 3:15-16, 4:4-19)
The end times are trying times, but when you take the counsels of God, they become a blessing for you. (1Co 14:20, Pro 12:1, Rev 3:14-22, 2Co 6:12, Psa 19:10, 1Pe 1:7)

Sacrifice Unnoticed & Love Will Be Enough for All Our Lives & Even More Light Please! (2015 New Year’s Conference #3)

2015 January 2.  18:00

Sacrifice and loss – the faithful will bear it, and see joy in its wake. (Psa 15:1-4)
Sometimes there is a need for the “ministry of a bucket of cold water”, because there is something deeper than excitement. What God desires in the now and how He gives us chances to be faithful. (Jo 13:37-38, 18:10,16-17, 2Pe 3:18a)
God has switched the lights on – walk in the light! Desire more! We are privileged to be carried by Him. (1Pe 2:4-8)

Blessed Are We in His Faithfulness & The Presence of God Reshapes Everything & Daniel’s Seventieth Week (2015 New Year’s Conference #2)

2015 January 2.  11:00

God is faithful without any human provision, because His faithfulness is grace-based. (Psa 36:5[6])
Faithfulness and steadfastness make God trustworthy. We believe in Him as we let Him close to ourselves. (Rev 21:1-5, 1Co 2:9-10, 1Jo 1:1-3)
Signs and events of the end times. (Revelations, Mt 23:37-39,24., Dan 9:24-27)