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There Is a River & And I Pray That Your Love May Abound All The More

2016 October 19.  18:30

There is a river that is unseen but it can be found. It is not only able to turn your attention away from the circumstances but also able to save your spiritual life.
(Psa 46:1-4)

We love those stories with happy endings in our lives when we know that I had nothing to do with it. But we know well: Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. What was Paul’s prayer that was so important for the Holy Spirit? Could it be our prayer as well?
(Luk 5:12-13; Phili 1:8-11)

How can I live a live without regrets? (30+)

2016 September 11.  11:00

First let’s try to define the word regret. I want to have conversations not only preaching. How could we define the word regret?
– When I look at my past and I say: „I missed something. I made a mistake. This could have been better.”
So regret has something to do with the past or loss or at least with the sense of loss…
(Acts 20:17-35)

Knowing Christ & Many Love The Fruit, But Few Want to Grow The Tree

2016 May 18.  18:30

The most important relationship we have is with Christ. If that is all right, then He takes care of all the others around. Can you say: “I boast in Christ. All else is a loss.”? What does it mean today to say that we take part of His sufferings? (Eph 5:15-17, Phil 3:8,10 ) We…

The Chemistry of Shame And the Chemistry of Honor

2015 September 20.  16:00

Shame, fear, insecurity, guilt… – it all has cehmistry, leads to a rotting of bones. Wisdom, encouragement, love among us – spiritual life also has chemistry to it. Let that work in marriage, friendship, in the church, for this is the honor of our lives from God. (Prov 12:4 [3])

Not Our Reasoning That Does It & The Revelation of The Heart of God: Come!

2015 May 27.  18:30

It is not cause-and-effect reasoning that works best in following Jesus. In Revelation the heart of God is to show us what is to come. he cares for His church, warns the unbelievers so they may escape the wrath to come, He prepares. Though often unseen today, he would have us see the glory of…

Let Us Help One Another in Preparation Daily!

2015 May 13.  18:30

The fool waits with empty hands, while the wise ones have both the lantern, and the oil. Where do you look for freshness and how? The work of the Holy Spirit is mighty and manifold in our lives, but it is not transferable. Still, encouraging each other is an option – one that id made…

You Are A Soldier of Christ, Draw from Him!

2015 February 18.  18:30

We may miss what Christ has for us in store, only His grace gives us sufficiency. To get strengthened in Him you need to use and pass on what you’ve been given. Do not become a dead-end.
In a warzone one needs to learn to save up, to persevere through hardship. Though we do not belong here, we have victory through Christ. (2Tim 2:1-4, 2Cor 10:3)