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When I Don’t Hope for Victory Anymore (Easter V.)

2016 April 3.  16:00

Easter is a season when God invites us to consider deep questions influencing our lives, such as death, life, hope, faith. May it be that reality has a broader domain than our perception and understanding would make us believe? The curve God draws with our lives serves our blessing, but it is not easy to…

Rap (Q&A)

2016 March 27.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message When It’s Evidently Over (Easter III) on March 27, 2016, Sunday.

When It’s Evidently Over (Easter III.)

2016 March 27.  16:00

All humanity knows that there is nothing that passes beyond death. Jesus had died. Still, it is not that we remember how unique his life was, and that is all. This is because the death of Jesus is not just history, and neither is it the moment of hopelesness usually associated with death. He died…

When You Get Disappointed – Even with Yourself (Easter I.)

2016 March 20.  16:00

There are situations of great pressure in life beacuse you are not where you belong. You don’t go all the way your life could go. Your heart is torn between two and you are unable to keep your life together. this leads you to strange places, places where you don’t belong. You may get disappointed…