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Called to An Abundant Life & Slave by Love

2016 November 13.  16:30

It is possible to think of abundance by someone having a lot of money or cars and everything goes well in their lives. But the abundant life Jesus was speaking about has nothing to do with this world or our circumstances. Do not be satisfied with the manna!
(Jn 10:10b; Deut 8:2-3)

What does define spirituality? Who is spiritual? What do we know about the commandments?
(Gal 5.; 1Cor 12:31; Jn 13:34-35)

There Is a River & And I Pray That Your Love May Abound All The More

2016 October 19.  18:30

There is a river that is unseen but it can be found. It is not only able to turn your attention away from the circumstances but also able to save your spiritual life.
(Psa 46:1-4)

We love those stories with happy endings in our lives when we know that I had nothing to do with it. But we know well: Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. What was Paul’s prayer that was so important for the Holy Spirit? Could it be our prayer as well?
(Luk 5:12-13; Phili 1:8-11)

We Must Reach Over into The Supernatural

2016 May 8.  16:00

We cannot even picture how great it is what God has in store for us, because His power, His glory is so far the greater. This is hidden for the natural man. As believers, we need to relaearn everything just as children. You must not get scared of this, you need to step over the…

Sacrifice Unnoticed & Love Will Be Enough for All Our Lives & Even More Light Please! (2015 New Year’s Conference #3)

2015 January 2.  18:00

Sacrifice and loss – the faithful will bear it, and see joy in its wake. (Psa 15:1-4)
Sometimes there is a need for the “ministry of a bucket of cold water”, because there is something deeper than excitement. What God desires in the now and how He gives us chances to be faithful. (Jo 13:37-38, 18:10,16-17, 2Pe 3:18a)
God has switched the lights on – walk in the light! Desire more! We are privileged to be carried by Him. (1Pe 2:4-8)