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With The Lord Amid The Opposing Sides

2015 July 8.  18:30

Differences are well-visible to all, tensions we notice. How do we deal with the conflicts? Do we just talk it to death? An exciting story only? The Word of God points to unity. Whose side are you on? What do we actually do? Do not miss the opportunity to care! (Isa 65:22, Pro 22:2, Gal…

False Peace VS. Let’s make Some Noise of Faith!

2015 July 5.  16:00

False peace may prevail due to fear, deception, love of comfort, unless you dig deep. Man, woman, Jew, Gentile, slave, free – they are on even ground in Christ, this is God’s heart. He draws all to be His coworkers. The weak one, who takes on the conflict with the world becomes a hero. (Judg…