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A New Perpective, And The Disconnects Go

2015 September 27.  16:00

Most of us would readily agree that crimes against humanity ought not be left unpunished. Still, the reality of God and of hell are denied by many. However without Him, there is no responsibility for anyone. Man’s tiny heart creates disconnects all around, puts distances where they ought not be. With a Divine perspective, all…

Not Our Reasoning That Does It & The Revelation of The Heart of God: Come!

2015 May 27.  18:30

It is not cause-and-effect reasoning that works best in following Jesus. In Revelation the heart of God is to show us what is to come. he cares for His church, warns the unbelievers so they may escape the wrath to come, He prepares. Though often unseen today, he would have us see the glory of…