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The Outcome of The Presence of God & Love Loves to Love

2016 October 9.  16:30

The environment, the culture has an influence but these do not bring great changes. The church is the right environment for us. But the perfect environment in itself does not guarantee spirituality. How deep can the Word of God go in your heart?
(1 Sam 3:1)

People can be influenced in 3 ways – pressure, bearing, drawing. Drawing operates by love. This love is our greatest need. What kind of love is this? What are the characteristics of it?
(Gen 14.; 2 Kings 5.; Song of Solomon 3:5; Hos 14:4; Sof 3:17)

The Power of God’s Word & How to View Your Life

2016 January 31.  16:00

God has a plan and goal, which he prepares us for. His Word is never in vain, may take time to see, but eventually we’ll know its purpose. (Heb 4:12) Often everyone “just knows” how it is with the the work of God, how it is with the man of God, yet, be careful how…