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Who Your Life Is About? (John 3:23-4:3)

2017 January 22.  16:30

What measures your life? I stand before the Lord and how He measures me. The last message of John the Baptist: He must increase, and I must decrease. (Psa 8:5(6), Jo 3:23-4:3, 1Cor 4:3-4, Phil 2:3, Rev 22:11)

God Is Strong via Our Weakness

2016 November 9.  18:30

If you don’t have enough problems then you won’t think you are too small. But if you have a difficulty that makes you question everything: yourself, God, your abilities, your intelligence. We try to avoid trouble though that is a gift for us. It’s necessary. We pray so that God would take it away. But He says: I would like you to rejoice when you are in trouble. Why though?
(Psa 23:5; 2Cor 12:7a, 4:7-12)

Rap (Q&A)

2015 September 6.  18:00

This discussion was held in connection with the message Why Be Satisfied with What Isn’t Enough? on September 06, 2015, Sunday.

Broken And Forgiven Life (Summer Bible School)

2015 July 23.  18:00

I prepared a little Bible study in John 12 … as we read the Gospels, we see the same stories, same events, but from different perspectives, and they don’t contradict. Instead, reading the four accounts, we receive a fuller picture. When we take the time to look at the complete picture, we may more clearly…

This Is The Mercy That All Seek

2015 January 25.  10:30

People seek mercy, and we know just where to look for it. The Canaanite woman had simplicity, steadfastness and hung on to Jesus. She had no conditions, and found mercy. God answers again and again. (Ro 8:28 , Mt 15:21-28, Psa 4:7-9)