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The Power of The Inner Room And The Mutual Faith

2016 November 27.  16:30

Technology created the loneliest generation of the history. Christ is calling you to the inner room. Because only the fellowship with God can give us our greatest need which is to get along with ourselves and with others.
(Mt 6:5-6; Heb 4:16)

We are called to live our lives in by faith. What is faith? What is saving faith? Why is faith important? It has a scary part too – what should we be careful with? And in the Bible there are many things that we can apply in the mutual faith by each other’s faith.
(Psa 46:10; Rom 1:12; 2Cor 7:13; Phili 4:8; Heb 3:2, 10:38-39, 11:1-6)

Is It All About You?! (30+)

2016 November 27.  11:00

It’s interesting that in the Western world where there is internet and smart phones everywhere – and we see this happening in the world – that people become lonelier and lonelier. The reason of this is that they have less and less living connection with people. The internet gives you the sense of connection, you feel like connected but actually there is no connection there. Because real connection happens face to face, between person to person, in the other’s personal presence. Where do you start?
(Jn 15:1-9; Mat 6:5-8, 14:23; 1 Cor 12:27)

The Outcome of The Presence of God & Love Loves to Love

2016 October 9.  16:30

The environment, the culture has an influence but these do not bring great changes. The church is the right environment for us. But the perfect environment in itself does not guarantee spirituality. How deep can the Word of God go in your heart?
(1 Sam 3:1)

People can be influenced in 3 ways – pressure, bearing, drawing. Drawing operates by love. This love is our greatest need. What kind of love is this? What are the characteristics of it?
(Gen 14.; 2 Kings 5.; Song of Solomon 3:5; Hos 14:4; Sof 3:17)

The Victory of A Faith-Walk & The Family of God

2016 September 28.  18:30

We have a new heart and a new life. This new life is lived by faith. Wherever you step God will win there.
(Joshua 1:1-5,8)

The natural family and the family of God – What characterizes this? What makes it a family in one case and what makes it family in the other case? Why is the new family important in the new life?
(Eph 3:15-19, Rev 21:1,3, 1Thess 5:1)

The Clear Sound Calling Us to A New Beginning & Love Draws Us in And Sends Us Out & Be An Altar Builder! & Grace in The Heart (National Bible Speaks Day #1)

2016 September 25.  10:30

…we had a desire to have this huge celebration, a holy gathering, to come together and fall on our knees before the Lord, our Creator. To gather and merry in the presence of the Lord and to worship Him together. Let’s come together and let’s sit at the feet of Jesus to listen to Him and to His Word. Let’s come together and let’s express by this that we belong together and that God has made us one body one family one people.

Who is Jesus? What did He do for us? What should we do know?

2016 September 21.  18:30

We rejoice in Christ. We gather together in His name. We are here for Gods glory. Christ dwells in us. We are named after His name. What happens when we gather in His name? What happens when the Spirit is in us? The Holy Spirit points to Christ and we know Him. When the Spirit is in us and we drink from the same Spirit shows Christ to us and we know Him. It’s an honor to know Him.
(Heb 1:3-4, 7:16-17,25, 10:19-25)

The newness of the Spirit & Unity – the divine virtue

2016 September 18.  16:30

Judging or releasing – whatever the principal is – is nothing else but the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. By the mercy of God we are freely justified. What did the newness of the Spirit bring? What will you do with it?
(Ro 2:12,14-15, 3:24,28, 7:6)

Both, the enemy and the Holy Trinity have supernatural unity. What makes the difference between the reflector and the laser beam? Which one is stronger? What gives its power? The unity of the Holy Trinity is so wonderful! That gives the growth in the church. Why though?
(Job 41:14-16, Psa 8:6, Eph 4:1-6, Gal 4:4, Jn 12:49-50, 16:7, Col 2:9, Phil 2:8, 10:24, James 2:19)

He is the one who will do it & Three balloons – God cares for you personally

2016 August 31.  18:30

Satan has a lot of desires and requests but he can’t get us. God is working in our live and in this He can even use Satan and He takes those things away that don’t belong to our lives as Christians. Then strengthen the brethren.
(Luk 22:31-32)

Actually we carry a huge amount of burden in our soul and everyone deals with their problem in a different way. A simple balloon, a balloon with a knot on it and the balloon with wholes – they represent the different ways we deal with our anger. But as long as I don’t realize the problem or I don’t admit it there won’t be deliverance in my life.
(Jonah, Psa 4:4, 73:16-17, Prov 21:22,31, Heb 4:12)

Jesus The Indivisible

2016 July 24.  16:30

Jesus is indivisible, in Him there is unity. In Him there is a joining, a connecting. What do we find in Him? (Jo 1:14, 13:13, 15:15, 20:26-28, Ro 16:26, Gal 3:28, Lk 19:10)

Wisdom from Above (P. Knight’s Farewell)

2016 June 12.  17:00

Let us have a relationship among us that listens to no negativity about each other, that doesn’t think of the other based on preconceptions. To understand and love the Gospel. We walk in Him together and are formed to the image of Christ. We desire the wisdom from above. (1Cor 2:1-5, Jas 3:17)