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Perfectly Related in Christ & Where Does The Finished Work Lead Us? (Easter IV.)

2016 March 30.  18:30

The believer is complete in Christ, as Christ is accepted before God the Father. Our relationships in the Body of Christ are built on that. (Phil 1:17-18) Death has been overcome. That, which Christ accomplished on the cross has nothing to add to it, and may not be taken away from. He promised and gave…

Jesus in This World (Communion) & The Dignity of Jesus in Us

2016 February 21.  16:00

Communion (1Cor 11:23-26, Jo 1:14, 6:57) The consequence of the fall is shame. Self-appreciation doesn’t cut it. The world gives you appreciation but also threatens with shame. Before God you stand, and this gives youo dignity, not only before Him, but before others and yourself. If there is dignity, there also is humility. There is…

What You Cannot Experience Outside The Church

2016 February 17.  18:30

Believer, do you know your significance? God has called you and has a plan with you. There are things which only believers may do in this world, but not alone. As we are together, in the fellowship there is a beautiful principle at work. (2Tim 1:9, 2Pet 1:3, Eph 6:14-17, Lev 26:7-8a, Acts 2:42-47)

Consicence with God

2015 November 8.  16:00

Public enemy #1 is our consicence. This may be the reason we cannot serve God out of a pure heart, then that influences our relationships as well. We attempt to placate our consciences, but God has satisfied the demands of His “conscience”, so His mind does not consider our sin. The Gospel is the greatest…

To Live with A Conscience Clean (Summer Bible School)

2015 July 16.  18:00

“God could not love you more than right now.”  is a quote from a Christian writer. So many people struggle with guilt in this world. Perhaps nothing as serious as murder, but there is a sin that cannot be remedied, and guilt keeps reminding…