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What Shall I Call You?

2016 December 25.  16:30

As we learn about God we get to know Him and we discover His names again and again. We realize the value of the things that surround us and we learn to call them what they are. We can do this with each other too to edify one another. At the end Jesus’ desire to give us a new name based on how He knows us.
(Gen 2:19; Prov 14:15a; Mat 1:21; Rev 2:17)

Church – The Incorruptible Amid The Corruption

2016 April 17.  16:00

Money and power, greed, great willingness to compromise – if anything starts out with that, can anything good come out of it? If you toss a bar of gold in the slop, will it change its nature? The church is the work of God. Can anyting spoil it then? (Num 22-24., Ro 8:36-39, 2Cor 2:11,…

Blessing through Humility & Keep Yourself in The Love of God!

2015 October 18.  16:00

We have marvellous spiritual blessings in Christ. What hinders me from receiving what God has in store for me? What is the key to receiving from God? Is there a formula, a program, a spell? Should I try harder? Should I be more zealous? More disciplined perhaps? Work more faith in my life? (Job 42:2,…

In Jesus All Is Ours – And Yet There Is More!

2015 August 9.  16:00

Believing in Jesus you get it all. What a privilege, we are „Made in Heaven”. We need to hear it over and over again, to  strengthen our hearts. Our goal is a high one. Do not be satisfied with a low-tier balance, for there is more where God has called you! (Phil 3.)