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He is the one who will do it & Three balloons – God cares for you personally

2016 August 31.  18:30

Satan has a lot of desires and requests but he can’t get us. God is working in our live and in this He can even use Satan and He takes those things away that don’t belong to our lives as Christians. Then strengthen the brethren.
(Luk 22:31-32)

Actually we carry a huge amount of burden in our soul and everyone deals with their problem in a different way. A simple balloon, a balloon with a knot on it and the balloon with wholes – they represent the different ways we deal with our anger. But as long as I don’t realize the problem or I don’t admit it there won’t be deliverance in my life.
(Jonah, Psa 4:4, 73:16-17, Prov 21:22,31, Heb 4:12)

Our Place in The Universe i.e. What Does It Mean to Be Human? (Summer Bible School)

2016 July 7.  18:00

I did not choose this theme for effects’ sake, but because it has really been on my heart of late. I also think that thinkers had been concerned about this a lot over all of history. This is a huge battle for us – philosopers, would-be-philosophers, charlatans, warlords, politicians… all kinds of people have tried…

The Meaning of True Discipleship (Summer Bible School)

2016 June 2.  18:00

The disciple is not someone who desires to write good tests. Studying is part of it, but not all. The disciple is someone who desires to grow. What sets apart a dud, a fireworks, and an ICBM Christian? Ex 4:10, 33:11, Josh 11:15, 1Sam 17:38-39, Pro 17:27, Lk 9:57-62, 18:23, 22:33, Mt 10:24-25,42, Jo 13:34-35,…

God’s Revelation for Your Life (CETA Chapel Meeting)

2015 April 9.  17:30

What is your life all about? Don’t get lost in knowledge! You may only answer by wisdom that gets renewed always, a revelation from the Holy Spirit with understanding. We need a fresh understanding. How do we get “released” from the Old Sin Nature, and what is completely unnecessary? (Eph 1:16-18, Ro 6:6-8,12-13, 1Jo 3:2)