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If You Knew Who I Am! & When Change Comes, Where Do I Go?

2016 August 21.  16:30

If you knew who Jesus is, you would surely want something from Him! Drink from His fountain, have a growing knowledge about grace. that would change all, and you would not have to hide anymore.
(Jo 4:7-10)

When great changes come in life, the question comes “Where to, how to readjust life?” The significance of things doesn’t come with great events … but of where I belong?
(Psa  27:4, Eph  5:16)

None Greater Than Christ & Be Salty, Not Dusty!

2015 March 8.  18:00

Whose life agrees with their life philosophy? The Word of God leads us to the God of the Bible. Between man and God we found Jesus and that we need to grow up into Him. Knowing Him is to worship.
Jesus had salt, He was anointed. You don’t eat the salt, you use it as a flavoring. If there is no salt, will the dust do? How about when you lose saltiness, how do you get it beack, where to find it? Saltiness will yield peace (Mk 9:49-50)