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No One Knows As God

2016 June 8.  18:30

God for us is the inexhaustible, the One defying our understanding and comprehension, yet He knows us from the womb. Does this encourage you? There is no place, time, situation to separate us from Him, but always a new depth to discover, and a new miracle. (Psalm 139, Heb 4:13)

Get to Know The Heart of God! & Living The Christian Life with Passion

2016 April 10.  16:00

You may understand the will of God, you may understand certain principles, but do you understand what it means that David was a man according to God’s heart? (1Sa 24:4-6 (5-7), 2Sa 16:12, 18:14) The believer is in the Body of Christ alreay, he already has glory, this may not be ruined anymore. It is…

Assurance Over Evil

2015 October 14.  18:30

Evil is not just a tragic event, but much more. Due of the presence of the Spirit of God, the evil one especially focuses on the believer. He always questions the character of God before the believer. Christians must know what evil is, and must be able to call it what it is. What Gospel…

Get The Water Out of The Boat! & Our Short-Sightedness in The Long-Term Plan & Faithful to The Word (2015 New Year’s Conference #4)

2015 January 3.  11:00

Church is an ark. Some things have a place on the inside, others only outside. Do not bring the outside things inside – be a watchman!
We want all things instantly, whereas God moves in processes, often slowly. Stand in what you have been given, and see the process! (Dan 12:4, Deu 7:22, Phil 1:6, 2:13, 3:15-16, 4:4-19)
The end times are trying times, but when you take the counsels of God, they become a blessing for you. (1Co 14:20, Pro 12:1, Rev 3:14-22, 2Co 6:12, Psa 19:10, 1Pe 1:7)