Yes, Let’s Make A Fuss About It! & The Spirit Gives The Sense And The Life & Let The Word of The Lord Spread (prayer evening)

2015 June 3. Wednesday  18:30

Things matter to us, because they matter to God. Let us “make a fuss” about them, even if our society says they are non-issues. Prayer is our battlefield. (1Tim 6:12, 2:2, Ro 13:1, Eph 6:12)

God ordained the time, the place where you now are, so you could seek Him. Don’t run ahead of God, yet move when He moves. The man who hears from God can then strengthen the weary. (Job 32:5-12, Isa 50:4a, Acts 17:25, Amos 5:6, Jas 5.)

Prayer needs be with spiritual awareness, steadfastness, salty. This is how the glorious Gospel will spread. (Col 4:2-4, 2Thess 3:1)

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