Where Could I Hide from Your Face? & The Motivation of Our Faith

2015 November 29. Sunday  16:00

No place, no situation where God wouldn’t be with you. Is so today, will always be true too. (Psa 139:7-12, Psa 55:22[23])

We need something to move our lives – two kinds of wisdom available to do that. Where was Salamon lead by chosing the one from below?
To know God is deep motivation, excitement and joy. It will lead us to worship and that is the engine for our lives.
(Ex 15:20-21, Ez 3:11, Rev 4:8,11, 5:9, Pro 1:2-11, Jas 3:15, 2Tim 1:7, Jer 13:23, Phil 1:9, Eph 4:13, Jo 5:17)

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