The Gift of Fellowship & Motivation and Mystery

2016 January 17. Sunday  16:00

Proper fellowship is a marvellous gift. These three key factors are so important – if we have them, we may be edified by each other’s faith. (1Cor 10:13, 2Cor 6:14, Ro 1:11-12)

We wish to shape our lives so it would be calculable, planned, and so we hope our world will be that way. The Holy Spirit is indispensable for living the Christian life. Without Him, we’d just struggle in our own strength to produce the fruit and realize the promises of God. there is more beyond the basics, try real Christianity! (Heb 6:1-3, Jo 1:17, 14:4-5, 15:4-5,8, Ro 11:33-35)

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