The Deep Work of God & What’ Goodness Good for? (Easter II.)

2016 March 23. Wednesday  18:30

The work of God is constant even when there is no special visible effect. This is because hhis work is in the hearts. (Col 4:9, Phil 1:12, 4:22)

Evil is real in this world. Goodness is just not enough to stop evil. If good people become evil to fight evil, then evil has conquered them.
It is the will of God that we become people, who cannot be touched by evil. The cross is a place where so much is revealed.!
(Jo 17:1, 18:33-38, 19:1,30, Eph 6:12, Ro 12:21, Lk 2:35, Psa 119:18, 146:8-9)

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