Seeing Who I Truly Am & Before The Father & The Visitations of God (Prayer Evening)

2015 September 2. Wednesday  18:30

It is easy to just project an image to everyone on the outside, to be in a role-playing act. The grave problem is when even we start believing the projected image. God loves you as you truly are. In the church, in prayer, we learn to walk without the projected image. (1Cor 4:3-4, So 4:7, Eph 1:6, 2Cor 4:2)

Prayer elevates us into the presence of the Father. The furthest one could become the closest there.

Being a Spirit-filled person instead of being a good person. The Holy Spirit makes us passionate. We seek God in prayer and He visits us at night, in the morning … in our everyday life. (Psa 101:2)

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