Repentance Ushering Fellowship in

2016 April 20. Wednesday  18:30

Such a great temptation on us to give up, because when you truly see God, the distance to Him seems insurmountable. In pretending you have no sin you mess up your own self.
If you have no fellowship, if no one else fits in your heart, it is time to give up – to Him! Let’s give up to Him what we have, and He will take away the barriers, bridge the distance.
(1Kin 8:48, Isa 6:3,5, Job 33:27b-28, Psa 32:3-5, 51:2-3, Pro 28:13, Dan 9:4-6, Mt 3:5-6, Lk 15:20, 1Jo 1:7,9)

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