Real Fruit Bearing & In His Name We Get Our Real Name

2016 January 27. Wednesday  18:30

Source of human action is man himself, who seeks to praise himself before others.
The real source for fruitbearing is the grace of God, and does praise God, but how does one receive it? (Jas 1:27, Mt 7:15-20)
If riches are the center of your life, you’ll have serious problems.
God wants to give you so much more – spiritual direction and depth. We have a new name, a Name above all names. What does our new name mean, what does it call us unto?
(Deu 6:7, 1Ki 10:16-17, 14:25-26, Pro 22:1, 23:5, Lk 10:20, 24:47, 1Pt 1:4-5, Ro 8:29-30, Heb 1:4)

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