Do What God Has Put in Your Heart, And I Will Be with You!

2016 July 27. Wednesday  18:30

In the New Testament, there is an often-used, wonderful expression – “one another”. It is not used as in „Correct one another! … Judge one another! …”; but this one another principle is about the brethren being each other’s armorbearer in the Spiritual battle: „Receive one another! … Bear one another! … Forgive one another! … Care one for the other! … Edify one another! … Comfort one another!…”
(1Sa 14:6-7,13, Jo 13:14, Eph 4:2,32 Col 3:13, Gal 5:15,26, 6:2, Heb 3:13, 10:24, 1Thes 4:18, 5:11)

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